jake rockland ( purplehat.eth )

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CryptoPunk #6303

things I've worked on:

{ 🎨 : art }

artworks that I've made – for info about fine art prints (click here)

•    Stipple Sunsets: beachy dreamscape vibes

•    Patchwork Saguaros: quilted landscapes in homage to the desert

•    Speckled Summits: dreamy landscapes inspired by the Rockies

•    Dot Matrix Gradient Study: an exploration of creating abstract forms with stippling

•    Stippled Pepes: (rare) generatively defined memes, minted via Counterparty

•    Knit by Knit: a project in collaboration with Alex Supkay

•    Sonoran Roadways: the road as a conduit for joyous return to places we find special

•    The Stipple Studio: a curated set of NFT works collected from my own projects

{ 👨‍💻 : code }

software projects that I have made or meaningfully contributed to

•    Art Blocks: a curated platform dedicated to contemporary generative art

•    Drive: powerful productivity on iOS

•    ZorbTouch: a full-stack platform for developing immersive tactile experiences

•    Vyper: a Pythonic Smart Contract Language targeting the Ethereum Virtual Machine

•    SafeSexStats: a contraceptive effectiveness calculator built with ReactJS

•    Go vs. Swift: a paper comparing the Go and Swift programming languages

•    Swisp: a simple Scheme (Lisp dialect) interpreter written in Swift

•    pooh: a little Ruby script for adding .gitignore templates to your project